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Advantage of Mobile Workforce Essentials

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Easy solutions to increase productivity

Avail of features such as Job Order Dispatching and GPS Tracking that allow for creating and dispatching work orders to employees on the field along with viewing and routing employee locations with ease. Manage attendance with timekeeping in a stress-free manner using remote access via handsets.

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Wireless forms to boost efficiency

Replace manual forms with pre-built, industry-specific wireless forms. Customise digital receipts to include smart features such as Photo Capture, Calculations and Emails for easy access in one location!

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Full Customisation Control with pre-set modules

Get access to full customisation control; personalise your portal and the application using your business brand, logo and colours, and build your modules or choose from over 200 available ones all tailored to maximise your efficiency.

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Simple set up, easy access

Easily set up and manage your application with a self-serve portal, this is accessible via any device thanks to its cloud-based capabilities.

This is how you can boost your Business with Mobile Workforce Essentials

Vi™ Mobile Workforce Essential Plans

Frequently Asked Questions:

Topic: About Workforce Essentials

Mobile Workforce Essentials serves to eliminate worries such as evolving mobile workforce, changing market demands, lack of relevant information from the field force, manual data capture and increasing costs by behaving as a one-stop solution for the above.

This functions as a cost-effective, fully customisable, and streamlined management solution for companies of any size from any industry. With over 200 pre-built app modules, managing a mobile workforce has never been easier. This will increase productivity, improve accountability and reduce cost.
A module is component used to make up the total solution. Modules can be work order dispatching, messaging, time keeping, and forms. There are upto 200+ modules you can choose from, depending on the plan that you pick for your organization.
Pick and choose modules to suit your business needs and address the tasks your mobile workforce engages in regularly.
Wireless forms remove the hassle of paper forms and trips back and forth to the office to turn paperwork in, and completely digitise the process. These are designed to capture the metrics that are important to your business and, depending on the plan you choose can also be edited to include any additional fields you may need. You also receive the additional benefits of capturing snapshots, signatures, digital receipts, email integration, etc. with wireless forms, which is convenient and thorough.
GPS tracking enables you to view the exact location of your field employees, route employees to maximise productivity, build geofences, view breadcrumb trails of previous routes, and track the duration of stops, among other benefits. This is just one of many methods through which you can streamline productivity and improve accountability with Mobile Workforce Essentials.

The Vi™ business Advantage

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Seamless Online Experience

Try, buy and deploy online on the Vi™ CloudStore with Vi™ Mobile Workforce Essentials. There is no paperwork and no dependency

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Best-In-Class Dedicated Support

Your business gets best-in-class dedicated support with dedicated Account Management and Cloud Support teams to help you

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Your Trusted Partner

Work with a partner you can trust, from your connectivity needs to your cloud requirements

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Curated Cloud Apps

Access Vi™ business’s specially curated unique set of world-class applications for your business

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